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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
pour=poor? WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH LANGUAGE. since what you found out makes sense thenn that might mean that most words that sound alike... one of them has the true meaning? -scratches head in confusion- like affect and effect, pray and prey, bate and bait o__o LOLOL all i can think of
 Quoting: cookie 12640204

I have also quoted raymond drake in a previous older post how words change over time and that indeed there's some secret relation to most words they sound alike similar to the words that have the same total.
Raymond drake himself in the book gods and spacemen gives some examples.

I wanna also add to this post the words.

warship and worship.

Now pay attention.

"Ancient traditions tell on the days when our world had no Moon. About 20,000 BC a wandering planet, Luna, approached the Earth raising huge tidal-waves, then receded to approach again. The threatened peoples turned to moon-worship to propitiate the Moon. Finally about 10,000 BC Luna came too close and was caught in the Earth's gravity drawing immense tides from north and south to engulf doomed Atlantis."

When we find out through research that all religions were created by the moon/lunar parasites and that the moon is a warplanet/warship we can spot the similarity of those words and the subliminal message of what people who worship really do and what sick planet's vagina are licking.

In the movie lifeforce they told us the secret meaning of the word disaster.
dis+aster=evil star/moon=planet of destruction/death star!

Also the wolves/lunar parasites can idnentify their prey easy when they hear them say that they pray they say "thats our food", when they hear you say you worship they say "thats our loyal servant and slave".

And by the way the religious sheeple might already be feeding the moon with their energy from this very dimension when they pray in churches as i have heard lectures of lunar agents saying the roofs of churches are shaped like antennas and when we examine the word p-ray/sending energy, to where these antennas are sending the sheeple's prays/energy???

Also in the movie clash of the titans it was shown how important role the churches play and how badly the lunar gods need them!
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