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Did you know a guy at 49 years old did a 1000 km marathon? Also did a 1000 miles marathon!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1322889
03/31/2011 10:21 PM
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Did you know a guy at 49 years old did a 1000 km marathon? Also did a 1000 miles marathon!
This guy is the ultimate human.

[link to en.wikipedia.org]
Yiannis Kouros (born February 13, 1956 in Tripoli, Greece) is a Greek ultramarathon runner based in Melbourne. He is sometimes called the "Running God" or the "Pheidippides Successor".[1] He holds every men's world record from 100 to 1,000 miles and from 24 hours to 10 days. In 1991, he starred as Pheidippides in the movie The Story of the Marathon: A Hero's Journey, which chronicles the history of marathon running.

Kouros came to prominence when he won the Spartathlon in 1984 in record time[2] and the Sydney to Melbourne Ultramarathon in 1985 in a record time of 5 days, 5 hours, 7 minutes and 6 seconds. He beat the previous record held by Cliff Young.[3]

Kouros has also written over 1,000 poems (several of which appear in his book Symblegmata (Clusters)) and the book The Six-Day Run of the Century.

His times :
[link to www.yianniskouros.com]

1) Spartathlon '83 (Athens to Sparta) (250 km in 21h53'40"), course record.
2) Across Austria 3 day-stage race '84 (Danube) (320 km in total time 23h16'15"), course record.
3) Six-day run, New York '84 (1,022.8 km), 16 world records unbroken from 1888.
4) Spartathlon '84 (20h25'00"), new course record.
5) 24-hour run, New York '84, Sri Chinmoy (177 miles), 3 world records.
6) 6-day run '84, Colac Vic. AUS (1,023.2 km) 10 world records.
7) 48-hour run, World Championship, FRA '85 (452 km), 6 world records.
8) Sydney-Melbourne '85, AUS (960 km in 5d05h07'), course record plus 11 world records
9) 100 km European Championship, BEL '85, 6h25'00", course record.
10) 24-hour run, New York '85, Sri Chinmoy (178 miles), world record.
11) 7-day -stage race (Wellington to Auckland) NZ '85 (718 km in 65h14'05"), course record.
12) 24-hour run Indoor World Championship, Chicago USA '86, 6 world records.
13) 24-hour run, Montmany, CAN '86 (225 km), course record.
14) 100 & 70 miles run, New York '86, Sri Chinmoy, course record.
15) Spartathlon '86 (21h57').

There's many others...

70) 6-day run '05, Colac Vic. AUS (1,036.850 km) 3 world records and 6 age group 45-49 W. Records.
71) 3-day race "Across the Years", Arizona, USA, 29/12/05-1/1/06, ( 520.5km), 2 W. Records and 2 45-49 W. Age Records


That's some insane shit.

HE'S MY HERO... and anyone who runs know how badass it is to run for 10 days straight... of course he sleeps a little, but come on!