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Subject PETA Kills Animals
Poster Handle Anonymoose Coward
Post Content
According to official shelter reports filed with the Commonwealth of Virginia (where the PETA "shelter", if you want to call it that, is located), PETA took in 2345 animals, of which 44 were adopted out, 2,200 were killed (euphemistic word used in report is "euthanized"), and 63 were transferred out of the shelter. PETA's kill rate in 2010 was 93.81%.

Copies of Official Commonwealth of Virginia reports here:

[link to petakillsanimals.com]

Article on PETA's record here (they haven't updated the article to show the 2010 numbers yet, reports just came out)

[link to www.petakillsanimals.com]

According to the combined yearly totals (since 1998), PETA has taken in 29,823 animals into their "shelter", and killed 25,840 of these for a kill rate of 85.1% - a rate that I would suspect is among the highest in the country (even shelters in the deep South typically don't have a kill rate above 60% if that.)

And PETA is telling breeders, farmers, etc what they should be doing??!!

Donate to your local animal shelter, never to PETA or HSUS.
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