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Message Subject If you could punch one person in the face as hard as you can, who would you choose?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
My piece of shit uncle. I would like to do more than punch him in the face. i would love to torture him slowly and hopefully split his mind and let him go crazy. and watch him die slowly in pain overtime in a mental hospital. let him experience the pain he put my aunt and little cousins in. yeah im a fucked up person when you get on my bad side. mind control would be a great thing for him to be under.

this guy deserves everything coming to him..

hes a indian dr and during surgery on a cop recently, he fucked up and now the cop is a vegatable for the rest of his life. he got sued for malpractice. he said it was a mistake but he lied. it was all his fault. he didnt write his notes down and therefore forgot what to do and messed up. cops dont know about that yet but i plan on telling them even though its in a other state on the other side of the country. this isnt the first time either for malpractice. many states have kicked him out but yet still allowed to work.

he pushed my aunt down the stairs, raped her and got her pregnant, beats her and the kids. took $10 million and moved it to a off shore account in india so my aunt cant get any of it. my aunt is so brainwashed by him that she just takes it. makes her do crazy dumb things like make her follow him in the car while he is on his bike in front of her. the kids are forced to come. the kids have been hit too.

but my aunt is getting her shit together and leaving him finally. should be within 2 weeks or some shit.
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