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Message Subject I can't take these Libyan rebel video clips anymore! They're F'n idiots!!
Poster Handle Logician
Post Content
Ok here's the problem.

The facts:

1 - Libyan Rebels have conquered many cities fast ... So they were successful in capturing important cities ...

2 - Gadaffi's force are still strong, at least strong enough to push back the rebels in some regions ...

3 - The videos we see show really dumb rebels doing dumb things

4 - The No-Fly zone is supposed to only protect the airspace and not intervene in the conflict ...

So ...
Either the rebels army is really dumb, which would make it strange for them to advance in such a fast way (see fact 1 ) unless fact 4 is wrong.

Either the rebels are good fighters, which make fact 3 proving that we see a controlled media show. The dumb ones we see are proposed by the MSM.

Either Gaddaffi's army is not that strong ( so how come fact 2 ?) or it has been weakened ( by a turnaround of fact 4 )

In any way ... at least ONE of the fact is wrong ...
Choose as you wish and try to redo the reasonning ...

Something is not what is seems, logic always prevail.
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