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Message Subject I can't take these Libyan rebel video clips anymore! They're F'n idiots!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Seriously. They're rebels with limited firepower/ammo. Every time they show a video clip of these MORANS, they're wasting their ammo in the air and damn near shooting each other in the head. Last nite i saw some dipshit fire a rocket launcher that was bolted into the bed of his truck. The expelling gases from the rockets blew part of the truck bed off and lit his sleeping bag on fire that was in the bed of the truck.

I saw one guy taking shots at God-knows what, and he wasn't even using the sights on the rifle. He was literally trying to line the end of the barrel up laterally with where he thought his target might be by moving his head to the side so he could see the rifle from a side view.

These rebels are straight-up idiots. I shudder to think what type of system they would set up if they succeed. This whole thing is a clusterfuck costing tax payers billions. It's absurd.
 Quoting: Dundas

LOL! They are muzzie scum what did you expect?
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