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Message Subject Town Throws Gay Pride Parade for its FIRST Gay resident!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1213513

You know what this is by far one of the saddest sickest displays I have seen . There is no doubt that this man orchestrated the whole thing . The fact that the town shows out for his support most certainly shows how morally deprived this country has become. The money would have been much better spent helping a needy family instead of playing into a sociopaths ego. Very disturbing .
 Quoting: Godsontoo

First of all, it's quite disturbing how hateful & negative you sound; perhaps you should take a break from quoting Bible scripture, and maybe focus on being a better, more compassionate & more tolerant human being, instead?

Secondly, by all appearances, this is just satire...meaning that the video is not a serious news story!! If you didn't realize something as blatantly obvious as that, how can you possibly consider yourself to possess enough intelligence & understanding to be in a position where you can (or should) lecture anyone about truth (and the true nature of existence)?
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