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Message Subject Chuck Missler just said particle physics proves we're in a digital simulation right now.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The Humans or Humani are descended from Apes that were brought here by one of the four original Elder Races. The Apes were used to mine precious minerals and to serve the Elder Races as slaves. After the three other Elder Races arrived on Earth one of which was a humanoid bipedal race, the Apes were later upgraded by combining the DNA of the humanoid Elder Race and the Apes. This resulted in the Humani or the Human being. Because of this, the new slaves or servants quickly gained the favor of the Elder Races while the original slaves - the Apes fell out of favor. This would later lead to a slave war between the Apes and the Humani. Because the Elder Race that originally brought the Apes on this planet were responsible for the Apes, they too were attacked by the other Elder Races that supported the Humani or Humans. This war resulted in the defeat of the original first Elder Race to arrive on planet Earth and its Ape slaves. They were all slaughtered and wiped out except for a few survivors who escaped along with a few Ape slaves.

These three Elder Race who support and watch over the Humani are what you know today as the Reptilians, Plaedians, and the Dracos (another reptilian like species). The original Elder Race that first arrived on Earth and brought with them the Apes are what you know today as the Grey aliens. These four Elder Races and their slaves who have access to forbidden knowledge have been at war for centuries since the return of the Greys. The Greys are believed to have been secretly creating a Grey Humani hybrid being that could be used to infiltrated planet Earth and help the Greys to retake the planet from the other three Elder Races.

Today, this war is beginning to spill out into the normal Humani realm. The Humani who possess the forbidden knowledge of the true origins of the Human race have been secretly worshipping these three Elder Races and receiving help from them to keep them in power over the rest of the Humani race.

I am a member of the secret Humani ruling council of planet Earth and I have access to forbidden knowledge that will blow your minds away. Ask me a question.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1324617

Dood, I have seen the devil in spirit. And he does not want anyone's stinking gold.

Hop out of the matrix why dont ya. I don't know about Chuck Missler, but get right with God. He wants you to come home.
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