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Message Subject Chuck Missler just said particle physics proves we're in a digital simulation right now.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
AEON brothers and sisters, attack the core!!! I am going in. Like shooting wharf rats back home.

Thread: Morgellons, Craig Venter, Synthetics, 2 towers, red blood cells in the sky...

I am so very sorry. I do not speak the virus language: "Revelation of the Method," bi polar, and Enochian bullshit. Let me say: 1 more cycle after this. I and others have survived all 6. Go ahead, call this match. We know again, so this is all just a waste of time. If not we will, I refuse to participate so go ahead, stare at my ass sitting on the trail. Fuckers. If we survive the next one, we persist forever while you meet the Daddy: The Source. And then you're stupid lightning bolts and cubes will not matter, will they? bitchez.

yeah I said it! what???
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