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Message Subject How to recognize that the Illuminati are posing as "Christian" TV evangelists
Poster Handle Life and Love
Post Content
I have been promoting my following opinion as follows
Religion is between the indivdual and their GOD whatever that is!
 Quoting: bolisking

Speaking only of Christianity as I am not as informed on other beliefs, we have to be careful to distinguish between (1) the institutional church and (2) the church as the body of Christ. Neither is without fault,but those of the institution seem more egregious and visible.

I am blessed to be associated with a warm, loving group of people within an institutional denomination. No abuse, no manipulation, no coercion that I've seen. I'm sure as one moves up the hierarchical ladder there are more instances of those, but frankly they are of zero concern to me as they don't affect me.

There are lots of ways to hide from God: one is to think God is like some of the church institutions out there, thereby throwing out the baby with the bath water.
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