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Message Subject How to recognize that the Illuminati are posing as "Christian" TV evangelists
Poster Handle bolisking
Post Content
I have been promoting my following opinion as follows
Religion is between the indivdual and their GOD whatever that is!
 Quoting: bolisking

Speaking only of Christianity as I am not as informed on other beliefs....
 Quoting: Life and Love

Well, if you were really speaking as a Christian, you would know that all other beliefs (I'm assuming you mean Judaism [aka the Synagogue of Satan], Islam (false prophet], Buddhism [false prophet], etc.) are defacto lies of the devil, so why would you want to be informed of them one way or the other? I'm afraid you have blinders on. You should be VERY concerned about what people do in the upper levels of your organization as it does indeed affect you. God doesn't look kindly on willful ignorance or willful naivete. If you suspect your organization is not following Jesus at all levels, then you should get out of it NOW! Or perhaps it's just a social club for you and you don't want to lose your friends?

Jesus says: Those who lose their lives for my sake will gain it.
These are my beliefs, Jesus is the son of God. There is a holy spirit. I beleive at the times needed we are are guided and watched by angels. I beleive there is a Heaven and hell. I respect all religions. I pray to GOD directly, veryday several times. I try to live by do unto others...
My church or organisation is in my heart. I have deeply researched Islam, Bhuddism, Judaism to name a few.
I am a man and not perfect. I do not ridicule anyone because of their beliefs.
GOD, Family, Country in that order.

So who will you follow -- Jesus or your church friends? It sounds to me like you can't follow both.
 Quoting: Tough Love 1329072
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