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Message Subject How to recognize that the Illuminati are posing as "Christian" TV evangelists
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
oh, so now i am stupid and crazy?
i postulate a theory, you disagree.

i don't think reptilians eat babies... but they do sacrifice them in rituals.

my definition of reptilians - demons posing as humans, demons possessing humans, specific ones for supporting their agenda.
 Quoting: Salt & Light

#1: Your theory is crap, based on last names and someone "looks Reptillian"

#2: You seem stupid and Crazy.

#3: Nice people like Jack and Rexella shouldn't have to live next door to people who believe in Reptillians, whether they eat babies or otherwise.

JVI and Mrs. are nice people who believe what they say and try to bring people to Christ through their understanding of prophecy and observation of world events. They do not ask for donations, but will sell you their packaged videos at a price that's comparable to other produced media. JVI will tell you that if you watch the program, he pretty much covers everything in the videos anyway, and the videos are just compressed and specific for those who want it.

Your methodology for judging people is laughible and demonstrates a certain degree of stupidity coupled with delusional thinking.

You're dangerous, and probably need to be screened for Psychiatric disorder.
 Quoting: Greg_B.

you seem stupid and crazy. but, that's ok. everyone has opinions. why you are defending them so much based on my theory is a bit unusual.

you do realize that eschatology is not a biblical practice, right? we are told specifically not to practice it, nor focus on those things.
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