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Message Subject How to recognize that the Illuminati are posing as "Christian" TV evangelists
Poster Handle Greg_B.
Post Content
not necessary to call me names.
i also engage in some aspects of looking for the signs of the end times. but at the end of the day, nobody knows. we are to be prepared, alert. but to spend an entire ministry on it is pretty pointless, in my opinion. nobody knows when, nobody.

the reptilian remark was snarky on my part. but, she does fit the bill as far as appearances go.

lets agree to disagree and move on, k?
 Quoting: Salt & Light

We don't disagree, though. What we have here is a lack of personal insight and failure to take responsibility for reckless remarks about people you don't know.

I told you to go ahead and take JVI and Rexella off of your list, because I have met them numerous times and can personally validate their sincerity, kindness, humility and so on.

Rather than replace your notions with actual testimony from someone who knows them, you sink your teeth in even further, which is a sign of stupidity.

You then denounce Eschatology and then admit to practicing it yourself. You said it was forbidden, but demonstrate that idea with scripture that says nothing of the sort.

I produce two versus that show you it is not just permissable, but EXPECTED, and rather than intelligently face your error, take responsibility and humbly concede you have NOTHING on JVI and Rexella, you have the audacity to offer "Agree to disagree?"


Another sign of stupidity is to act as if everyone else is just as stupid. Well, sorry, you've got the wrong guy.

I'll give you one more chance to own up, retract and take personal responsibility for your actions in front of all who are following this.

If you persist, you reveal once and for all who you ARE.
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