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Message Subject How to recognize that the Illuminati are posing as "Christian" TV evangelists
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"So the big question is: WHAT DO THE GENERATIONAL SATANIC BLOODLINES HAVE TO GAIN FROM PREACHING WORLDWIDE ABOUT ARMAGEDDON? At first thought, it would seem that they would not want to advertise something from the Bible. But they are and are using many groups and many forms of the same general message. Actually, while Christians have been preaching the “end-times”, so have many of the hard-core occult groups associated with the Illuminati. For instance, Hans Hofer, a Fabian Socialist and student of Fabian Bertrand Russell, has written about the coming Golden Age. The Golden Dawn, a satanic lodge system, is another example of a hard-core occult group warning about Armageddon (for instance their publications This Final War, and Watch Jerusalem). This last decade, the Illuminati gave the green light to finance Hollywood movies that showed natural disasters, so that the public has been inundated by movies about natural disasters of all kinds, (which are often referred to as “the Wrath of God”)."

[link to www.theforbiddenknowledge.com]
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