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Message Subject How to recognize that the Illuminati are posing as "Christian" TV evangelists
Poster Handle StumblingThroughLife
Post Content
I've read each and every post/reply on this subject that is to be found at this website. I see a variety of opinions promoting belief systems of all types. I've done much research into the Illuminati, and will continue to do more, and I do not begin to claim an expertise on this subject. Thus, I can only state my own beliefs, as garnered from my education from life experience and my God (and that is THE ALMIGHTY GOD...THE CREATOR OF ALL...MY HEAVENLY FATHER).

First of all, let me say that, although I am unsure if some of the popular TV evangelists of today are Illuminati or not, there are reports that they are named as being so...many times by alleged ex-Illuminati members. Whether this, in itself, is propoganda to illegitimize their ministries by that same organization so that people lose faith in them as Christian leaders, is unclear. What I can honestly affirm, without a doubt, is that I will NEVER believe that Jesus Christ was Illuminati! Jesus was God made flesh, and was born and died for the sole purpose of making it possible for we sinners to have a chance to make it into perfect Heaven because our filthy sin cannot exist there. Only his pure blood, which he shed in the ultimate sacrifice of love for us, makes that possible.

Second, I must agree with many here that some TV evangelists preach messages that are not wholly Biblical. Sure they quote scriptures about wealth, prosperity, etc...and yes, self-esteem, as well...the ones that actually use scripture, that is. However, many of these scriptures quoted are often taken out of context, and following scriptures that clarify God's meaning in the quoted ones are conveniently not mentioned. It is possible that these men and women begin their ministries with the best of intentions, but remember the old adage "Power corrupts" and unfortunately, these people gain very real power over the lives of their TV audience. And although they perform many good works and charity services, we must remember, our "good works" are like filthy rags in the eyes of God.

In conclusion, I must agree that many TV evangelists are false teachers, whether knowingly or not, and as teachers and preachers of God's Word, they will have a lot to answer for come Judgment for misleading God's children.

Of course, as I said before, this is my own belief and opininion, but it is the one shown to me by My Heavenly Father through prayer and education.
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