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Updated 4/5/11 Twitter Illuminati Talk with Rapper Talib Kweli Link Included illuminati card game

User ID: 1330537
United States
04/06/2011 10:26 AM
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Updated 4/5/11 Twitter Illuminati Talk with Rapper Talib Kweli Link Included illuminati card game
hey for the past 2 days i have been having discussions with the rapper Talib Kweli , on twitter. about the illuminati
he mentioned if anyone could show a connection between an artist and the illuminati he would record a cover version to rebecca blacks friday. well i took the challenge and said heres proof 2pac KILLUMINATI... and he basically tried to discredit me the whole time. edited my tweets and ignored a few important tweets aswell. this debate just went back and forth for 2 days.

i will post our tweets from the beginning to the very end
you could also check both of our timelines , My twitter is @SurrealFM , Talib is @RealTalibKweli

@RealTalibKweli why do you try to dis info this ? It is a real thing. Rappers aren't apart of it just puppets told what to do keep it real

RT @SurrealFM: Rappers are just puppets told what to do keep it real (im a rapper. U could believe me or believe some random blog)

RT @SurrealFM: @RealTalibKweli what is your take on blood sacrifices in the industry (let u know when i see one)

so then i go on to mention because he doesnt think there is any association the song d'evils by jay-z
the song goes Illuminati want my mind soul and body


RT @SurrealFM: @RealTalibKweli @jayeyeenn you're a big hiphop fan talib ever heard of the song d'evils by jayz?. (Great song! Brooklyn!)


RT @SurrealFM: you wanted proof of artist and illuminati. Be a man of your word bruh 2pac #Killuminati (right and Pac is alive too right?)


RT @SurrealFM: y dont u try to helping people instead of being like the rest that sold out your kind for $ (good idea Ill try that sometime)

so these are the tweets he chooses to ignore but the rest he trys to make me look dumb. i start listing some pictures with questions
@RealTalibKweli I'd like to remind you and everyone steve jackson made this game in 95. [link to yfrog.com]

@RealTalibKweli know anything about this talib ? [link to yfrog.com]

@RealTalibKweli your boy @kanyewest with a baphomet shirt .. Swag [link to yfrog.com]

@RealTalibKweli madonna , all seeing eye album cover. [link to yfrog.com]

@RealTalibKweli horns 3-6 [link to yfrog.com]


RT @SurrealFM: I sent you a bunch of pictures care to make any comments.. Illuminati card game perhaps (all speculation. All of it.)

@RealTalibKweli combined disaster card. Tsunami Eq. Most ppl tht itwaslondon. Its tokyo wako clock [link to yfrog.com]

@RealTalibKweli what's your opinion on barack posing as shiva the god of death. Just curious ? [link to yfrog.com]

@RealTalibKweli here's a comparison picture. Shiva god of death [link to yfrog.com]

@RealTalibKweli still nothing going on right sellout ? [link to yfrog.com]
@RealTalibKweli still nun here right [link to yfrog.com]

@RealTalibKweli opinion on this picture? I believe the quote is by famous occultist aleister crowley [link to yfrog.com]

this was his first reply but ignored everything else

RT @SurrealFM: @RealTalibKweli is Shiva not the god of death? (No. Shiva the destroyer is Supreme God in Hinduism.) #readabook

RT @JeanGreasy: @SurrealFM Look, we ALL know @RealTalibKweli is Illuminati(as are ALL rappers.) He just doesn't wanna do the "Friday" cover

Hey @SurrealFM Just seen ur tweet to Souljah Boy abt his brother. Youre not really righteous ur just kind of a dick huh

i wrote to soulja boy on twitter, days after his lil brother died , how he could be celebrating money at a time like this. and mentioned a blood sacrifice.