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Message Subject Alien abduction, Old Hag Syndrome, Sleep Paralysis.
Poster Handle Jet Wylie
Post Content
Here is my experience

Sleep Paralysis

My most recent episode. I woke up in the middle of the night, around 3 am, and was paralyzed from the neck down. Also, I had no voice with which to scream. The only thing that seemed to work were my eyes. It was dark, obviously and there was something standing over me. Not at the foot of the bed, but beside me. This "thing" was very tall. I'm talking ceiling height because it was near the roof of my canopy over my bed. Anyhow, I remember not being able to scream at it outloud and I was so brave and screamed at it from in my head to GO! I very sternly said it must leave me because it was frightening me....and quick as a flash it was gone. Then I was able to move again and quickly cuddled up to my husband. LOL It might have been a dream, but my goodness, it was so real.

I'd never heard of the old hag until I looked it up the next morning.

But I've got something else for you.

My husband and I. Infertile couple. In twenty years of marriage we have had one pregnancy resulting in one child. Medically a miracle child. I was "visited" one night and told I would concieve that very nice, the EXACT date it would be born and that he would be a boy. It ALL came to pass. Every single thing I was told. These visitations weren't visual, but rather auditory communications. Again, this happened approx 3 am. and woke me up out of my sleep.

Also, have had white figures, twice, sort of floating over the bed. Their presence awakens me and I can see "something" floating there. It startles me and I kick it away and it immediately disappears. They don't seem evil, they just startle me and then leave.

And another strange nighttime visitation there were two beings standing outside my bedroom door. There is a staircase right there and they were on the stairs peeking trhough the railings, hence their heads were floor level, (since they were half way up the flight of stairs) They were standing there observing my husband and I. I saw them and we made eye contact. I was terrified and in a moment they were gone. It felt like I'd switched time lines, as crazy as that seems, that is what it felt like.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1131242

i come from a family of 5 daughters, i am next to the youngest,and i am the only one to endure SP.since i was born that i remember..

what peaks my interest is teh fact U mention U felt like U switched time lines...ive felt this too, but twice now.
it is exactly how it feels and although i found the sensation DISTINCT in that i KNEW it was a timeline switch...something to make one go mad really.
the whole sensation is hard to describe.
thank U for posting this...it helps.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1315884

A timeline switch.... the plot thickens. Do tell....
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