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Message Subject Alien abduction, Old Hag Syndrome, Sleep Paralysis.
Poster Handle Jet Wylie
Post Content
I've suffered from sp from age 8. It started off as being half asleep with out the ability to move. As stated above I was also the youngest child. As the years passed I eventually learned that if I was physically exhausted I was going to have another episode. And I would mentally prepare myself.
The key was to either force a scream out or physically move. Though most of the time I'd have to wait it out. Extremely scary stuff as a child! A few things about me. At the age of five my mother dated a black man (im white) who at first was very loving. He began to beat the shit out of my brother and I. I had it the worst because of my age and my brother being stronger than I. That lasted about a year.
Soon after I was given to my father who I had never previously met. I developed a studdering problem which my father also has. Having a studder changes your thought process. You think more and say less to not attract ignorance. People in this world can be very cruel! The studder made my mind race giving me more mind control.
As I got older I noticed the majority of the episodes happened when i fell asleep on my back. As an adult the demons came out to play. One indecent I woke up on my couch and noticed something in the backroom. As my vision focused I say a demon running full force towards me.........then I wake up and I'm in the exact position on the couch as I woke up in the dream. It scares me just writing this.
I'm now 29 years old. Three years ago I redescovered pot. I havent had one since. For those of you who are against pot don't let the government scare you. It is not a drug but a medication. A medication that I believe can cure alot more than we can imagine.
Hopefully this helps your research. I tried to include as much as I could with out writing a novel. If you need more input don't hesitate to ask.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1331402

Thankyou, i especially like your post because of your family history. Sorry to hear about that experience :( As for stammering one of my best friends stammers and we are all used to it. just be who you are, only the people who accept you are worth your friendship. Anyway great post thanks and yes it helps alot!!!hf
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