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Message Subject Alien abduction, Old Hag Syndrome, Sleep Paralysis.
Poster Handle CaptiveR
Post Content
I have had at least 2 distinct cases of sleep paralysis.

The first case was when i was around 22 and living at home, although my parents we're away on holiday and i was the only one in the house.
I definitely woke up, or so i thought, i was floating in the top corner of my bedroom while viewing myself sleeping. I think this was followed by some sort of panic from me, then i must of broke the sensation to find myself fighting in bed to draw breath, as it felt as if i was being crushed.
Once i came around fully, i got out of bed and checked the whole house, i would explain the episode as a definite inclusion of myself into something.

The second case was about 7 years later when i was living by myself. I had come around in bed, or so i thought but the only way i can explain what i felt was that i was in a wind tunnel, or some kind of powerful draught, i definitely screamed out but i don't think i heard anything. I shortly came around and again, i was somewhat disturbed by this episode.
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