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Message Subject Alien abduction, Old Hag Syndrome, Sleep Paralysis.
Poster Handle Jet Wylie
Post Content
I have had SP on many occasions that have also included:

Old hag experience.
Somebody walking into the room and standing at the end of the bed.
Somebody standing beside the bed and talking to me.
Stiffling feeling of something untoward and not nice very close.

However, not all of my SP experiences have been bad, some have been very unusual experiences.
 Quoting: Lotus Flower

The person at the end of the bed, can you describe him. Also can you describe the old hag:?? thanks.
 Quoting: Jet Wylie

No I can't describe any of them, I would never open my eyes because I was too scared lol.

The old hag feels like somebody sitting on your chest, it's hard to breath and a horrible foreboding feeling of dread is felt. Very difficult to move and it takes all of my willpower to get out of it.

Somebody standing there, I have no idea who they are. It is quite disturbing to hear the footsteps make their way up the hallway and come into the bedroom and then just stand at the end of the bed. It used to feel as though I was going to die from fright.

One of the most physically uncomfortable experiences was waking up but not being able to move, unfortunately, I had my right arm draped across the front of my body and my hand near the side of my neck, my fingers were twitching or something, because they were tickling me and I was in agony as I couldn't move to stop it, that was NOT nice.
 Quoting: Lotus Flower

Yes it is so scary because it triggers your fight or flight response. It's as if you really are about to die.
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