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Message Subject Alien abduction, Old Hag Syndrome, Sleep Paralysis.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I was banned today so this is from my phone. I wouldnt waste time writing this if it wasnt true. I'm over 30 and my whole childhood(5-12) I suffered night terrors. Real scary shit. Walking in my parents room saying things to my parents in a trance like state like " I love you, they are taking me now".

I grew out of them around 13 and didn't have them again until age 24/25. At this same age when the nts came back I started having SP. For me it's either a few months of nts or a few months of SP . Never had both around the same time. Till this day the most I go without a nt or SP is max two months. When I am having nt and SP they happen several times a week even back to back nights. Ok now for what I experience. Most of the time I wake up can't move anything but my eyes. All I can do is concentrate very hard(harder than I can when awake. Weird huh) and sometimes I'll shake out of it other times fall back asleep. When it's happening I have this feeling of "whatever you do don't fall back asleep" it's about 50/50 as far as coming to or falling back asleep. The worst part is trying to scream but only the slightest moan comes out. One night my wife actually heard me looked at me with my eyes open and asked if I was ok and after I didn't answer she went back to sleep. It was a sobering moment for me. I am so used to them, and this is no shit, when they happen now I can actually think to myself" it's ok just concentrate". Weird huh.

Ok only once have I experienced shadows during the SP but I think I see shadows alot during a normal day so maybe it's just not enough for meto notice during these episodes.

However ....... About a year ago I woke up in SP but something was very very different. I woke up to a very very very loud buzzing/whooshing sound all around me. A few seconds later I saw a very bright light covering the whole ceiling while the buzzing continued. A few seconds later it felt like my bed was raising up to the ceiling towards the noise and light. I looked over towards my wife and she wasnt there. I eventually snapped out of it right before my bed hit the ceiling. Woke up and my wife was laying right beside me. I've got to be honest this shook me alot and I recently got over it. None of my other SP experiences compared to this. I believe in ets but not necessarily in abductions but this really had me thinking. So I'm not here to say I was abducted but everything I said happened...qt least in my head.

Now the night terrors are more scary for the people who witness me going though one than it is for me.

Btw I was adopted at birth and had a great childhood and adult life.

Thanks for starting this thread!
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