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Message Subject Alien abduction, Old Hag Syndrome, Sleep Paralysis.
Poster Handle pdot
Post Content
I have had hundreds , maybe thousands of SP episodes. I say this because from about the age of 12 to about age 19 I had an episode every time I slept or napped. I would dread falling asleep. When I got fed up and stopped being so afraid of sleep I got less episodes. These evil spirits feed on fear. I probably get an episode once a month now , more of a nuisance when I sleep now.

I'll also add my typical episode. Two types of episodes for 1. Can't move or breath feels like I'm about to die or 2. Can't move, but can hear(laughing,voices), sense, feel evil presence.

When number 2 happens and I open my eyes I see some very weird stuff. I have seen the hooded figure one time,looked like a mini grim reaper. I see what looked like a giant snake also, but it's mostly shadow like figure. Even though I've had many episodes I almost never open my eyes, maybe 10-20 times tops. So who knows what I could have seen if I did.
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