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Message Subject Alien abduction, Old Hag Syndrome, Sleep Paralysis.
Poster Handle Jet Wylie
Post Content
its so scary. anyways i am a christian who lives on the east coast of the united states. I get sleep paralysis once a month (typically).

It is always a dark, shadowy figure. I feel as tho it wears a large dark hood, but im not really sure because i cant lift my head up to really look.

The one thing i have done to help breal the paralysis is to focus all your energy (i know its hard but this has happened to me for over 15 years now so ive gotten good at breaking it) but focus ALL ALL ALL of your energy on a finger. With all the strength of this focus, just TRY TRY TRY to bend ever so slightly one of your fingers. Then, just as you bend the finger in even the tiniest, slightest fashion, the paralysis will break. I know its hard, but just read this and think about it. It will help your brain think about the finger bending method, and once you just move it a tad, the paralysis breaks and thank God because that was some scary shit!!!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1331423

yes if U can move that finger it will allow U to break the paralysis...but GAWD it hurts SOOO much and all of my willpower is not enough for the most part, no matter how much i try!
when i sense the SP coming i have less than a second to act or it cant be overcome.im 40, im tired of SP.it is so exhausting.
i have it so often now i forget about it, ignore it.
no one online can explain WHY...and ive read it all.
just knowing others out there truly understand this is a two edged sword.
yes some people understand the pain of it, but that also mean they are enduring it too.

ive told myself countless times over these years to move that little finger, just make it move a tiny bit and i can escape.
if i knew what was going to happen when that black hole comes(because i dont see presences, i just call it what i sense=a black hole) than i might not have such a hard time and wont fight so much....

ps the sp comes BEFORE i fall asleep, always.
never after i wake up.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1315884

Have you ever thought about going to a sleep clinic?
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