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Message Subject Alien abduction, Old Hag Syndrome, Sleep Paralysis.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So if we were to say that aliens influence modern society, hence abductions. And demons and witches influenced society in the 1700's hence the demon and or hag. And the shadowy violent figure influenced by christianity, and belief in poltergeists. What get's me is why people still experience an old hag to this day when A: they never heard about Old Hag Syndrome and B: that does not apply to modern day influences. It is the odd one out, yet it is consistently experienced for over 2000 years.
 Quoting: Jet Wylie

I wonder if I understand you correctly. You theorize that in sleep paralysis cases one awakens incompletely, afraid and unable to move, and either:
a) the dreaming mind manufactures an experience to match the fear,
b) something independent exists outside the mind that causes the experience.
You are specifically bothered by the possibility of b) in the case of the Hag.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1334859

Haha AC, don't try to understand me. I am not theorizing in this thread as not to influence anyone's responses. What i believe i wish to disclose at a later date after i can read some more experiences. However you are correct, i am particularly bothered by the old hag. It's like almost putting together a puzzle but several pieces don't fit. I am beginning to feel that if we can find the connection, we would have alot more answers to this phenomenon. I started studied SP to find a link between abduction cases and SP symptoms. What i have personally experienced and some peoples stories on your side of the world as well as here in Europe are quite disturbing and at this stage (or any) i cannot discount an outside influence. I hope that answers your questions, thank you for your time to read and post!!
 Quoting: Jet Wylie

So, for your databank:

My personal sleep pattern includes several awakenings a night, since childhood. I don't think of it as a problem - it's just the way I sleep. I probably have had more incidences of SP than I remember, because really, you would not know unless you tried to move!

Similar to one of your respondents above, I have at times suffered from nocturnal leg cramps. In those cases, I felt the utmost urgency to move, to get out of bed, even to walk outside barefoot in the cold. At some small number of times, the culmination of this was what I called "the fainting noise" - the loud buzzing sound/vibration also referred to previously. This was a signal to me that I should find somewhere soft to crash. I did not lose consciousness, but only voluntary movement. At none of these times did I feel the presence of another entity.

However, there have been times that I have awakened with a great sense of the presence of danger, and the feeling !Someone! was there, just out of sight, or !Something! like a light was just fading. Interestingly, on several occasions (because I like to listen to the radio at night), I could hear electrical interference.

So, as to the appearance of the Hag:
I had a strange dream that to the best of my recollection seemed like some sort of quasi Egyptian (because of the 'costuming', 'scenario', etc.) ritual. Presiding had been a Priestess of some sort whose appearance grew more aged as the ritual progressed. At one point, she raised her arms and I awakened in great fear. I was lying on my back, and felt an enormous pressure on my chest. I opened my eyes to an ordinary darkness and as soon as I moved, the weight was gone. For about a week thereafter, I felt the fear and the weight again without the dream. I always thought it was some kind of psychic attack that did not quite work.

I am female, and a Christian. Good luck with your studies.yodayoda
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