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Message Subject Alien abduction, Old Hag Syndrome, Sleep Paralysis.
Poster Handle Jet Wylie
Post Content
I've had episodes of sleep paralysis over the course of like 5 or 6 years, doesn't happen to often though.

I think my first time was at a friends house and I found myself unable to move, and I had a feeling of dread as I sensed a presence near by, but could not percieve it.
Another time I could hear my bedroom doorknob being jiggled as I lay paralysed ( I was the only one in the apartment that night).

My latest one though is the wierdest. I remember seeing a humanoid demonic type figure next to my bed, kneeling over my body, cept this was kinda different, it was more like an out of body experience, as I seemed to be viewing myself in the third person from a perspective above my bed. I could see its face was twisting shape.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1308466

Yes in alot of cases SP is a precursor to OBE's. Usually SP can be triggered by becoming lucid in your dream. This means tht you suddenly realise that you are in a dream. Some people use techniques and everyday training to become lucid and they have the ability to control their dreams. To the untrained or amateur individual it can automatically trigger SP. You will wake up with ringing or buzzing in your ears. If that dream was a nightmare, or something frightened you i can almost guarantee you will have a sense of dread in your SP. For those who do experience OBE's usually done by deliberately 'riding out the SP' whilst staying awake and aware. It is highly unreccomended for those who don't understand the nature of it, because the experience can quickly become dark and demonic in nature to the experiencer. Also alot of people report feeling that there is something that connects them to the physical body, and wondering too far can bring a fear of detachment from one's physical self!!
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