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Message Subject Alien abduction, Old Hag Syndrome, Sleep Paralysis.
Poster Handle Vermithrax
Post Content
I've had sleep paralysis in the past. WHen I was 16 I started to read the new testement, just to culture myself and know what I was talking about whenever the bible got brought up, which it always does. I did the same thing for classic literature, drama, and science as well. Anyways, I did start to get this sense that Jesus was indeed real... shortly after I would wake up to these evil, malevolent, ancient feelings in my room. I would be in this weird state where everything in my room was the same, only foggy, grayish, and smoky. There was always this horrible being there; a small black cloud that would try to stick its fist through my chest or sit on me where I couldn't breath. This would happen every single night for years, no one understood while I was always tired and I could never tell them. It was horrible

A Few nights in particuar, the shadow cloud thing brought with it this very tall, elongated being. It was humanoid but made up of black smoke as well. It was white pin hole eyes and would just stare at me. THank God it never came near me because it was terrifying.

I've seen shadow people running by quickly on occasions as well. WHen I was younger there was always tapping and scrathing on the walls as well. I get the impression that these things had a hold on my life, and being familiar with Jesus really really P'ed them off.

Just for the record. I am no bible thumper, and I don't even know if I trust the current translations of the bible. I', probably a Gnostic Christian if anything, meaning I think these things are Archons.

ALso, I never saw the Hat Man, but know many many people who have
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