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Message Subject Alien abduction, Old Hag Syndrome, Sleep Paralysis.
Poster Handle Jet Wylie
Post Content
About 10 years ago, I stopped over in Manchester returning to Scotland after a week in Greece with my ex. However, I had a disturbed sleep whilst stopping over in the Portland Hotel. We switched off the lights, and were in a deep sleep until around 3am. I felt as if I woke up but I obviously had paralysis of some sort. I saw an old slim woman walk from the end of my bed to my bedside reaching to put her hands around my throat. I screamed the room down like a little girl. My ex asked if I switched the light on, but I hadn't. She turned around and went back to sleep, while I sat awake crapping my pants the rest of the night.

I'm now 31 years old, married, and agnostic. Although, toyed with Yi-Guan Tao for a while. I have been told by a Taiwanese fortune teller that I have lots of ghosts surrounding me.

I believe I've seen ghosts on an other couple of occasions. Once, I seen the ghost of a male whilst working in a customers kitchen in an old job. I told her what I had seen, and she then told me that her father had just died of a heart attack on a golf course a few weeks earlier.

The other occasion was staying in my wife's family home in Taipei, I seen a shadowy black figure walking through the hallway. My in-laws told me that they also seen this figure, which was believed to be their late father/husband.

My earliest experience, was sitting as a teenager with my mother and step-father in our home. We felt an unexplained breeze and a bang, then the living-room door slammed shut.
 Quoting: gr8scot

Thanks Gr8Scot!! Creepy story mate! More like ghosts than poltergeists, if you experience these often you should start to develop a way to record the phenomena. Like i said in an earlier post, when certain entities or poltergeist activity occurs..... it is usually always accompanied by high levels of electromagnet frequencies and low level radiation. That is a fact. Scientists use that fact to hypothesize that apparitions and slight (not extreme) poltergeist activity is caused by electromagnet frequencies affecting the frontal lobe of a person and causes hallucinations and a 'sixth sense'. So we know that people DO experience these things because scientists are trying to explain the phenomenon. Perhaps the high levels of EMF and low level radiation is caused by a rip in our dimension.... spacetime if you will. Microscopic black holes open up every where all time, particles appear and disappear in and out of our light spectrum. Where did they come from and where did they go? Dark matter?
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