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Message Subject Alien abduction, Old Hag Syndrome, Sleep Paralysis.
Poster Handle Jet Wylie
Post Content
Microscopic black holes open up every where all time, particles appear and disappear in and out of our light spectrum.
yes they do OP!!
i learned they actually exist, for real.

one afternoon, my cigarette accidently flew from my hand while i was gesturing and rolled underneath a refridgerator in my sisters house.
i had taken a few puffs already so i knew it was lit really good.no smoke trail..
it just wasnt under there guys, anywhere... nor up on some metal lip anywhere.
it was dusty under the fridge and pieces of moldy food and stuff.
the search was increasingly frustrating, we couldnt find any holes it could have fallen into, no cracks between floor and wall.
my bother in law actually pulled the fridge OUT away from the wall after he had gotten on his knees to look for himself.
HE couldnt find it and became more stumped that the cigarette had truly one hundred percent disappeared.into nothing, gone god only knows where.GONE.
im SO fricking HAPPY someone ELSE was there and saw the whole thing as it happened.
from then on, i was careful and alert in her kitchen, U bet.

that day i told them they must be the proud owners of a BLACK HOLE, because what ELSE could it have possibly been??
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1340387

Hey AC, that's a bit of a funny story. However the microscope black holes i speak of only affect particles. It is so small that you would never see. These kind of black holes are always unstable, meaning that they collapse they cannot sustain themselves. Despite the name, they are in no way the same as a typical black usually found in the centre of galaxies. If a black were to take your cigarette, it would have enough mass to stabilize and grow and you nor i wouldn't be having this conversation. Haha i don't know where your smoke went, but i'm sure it wasn't a black hole who stole it. thanks for your post.

btw, stop smoking....... it could kill you peace
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