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Message Subject Alien abduction, Old Hag Syndrome, Sleep Paralysis.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This was my experience

I was dreaming that I was in some sort of ship with people, we were the ones flying it, then we had to for some reason land on some planet. We knew the beings were waiting for us outside and this was the first time we were going to make contact with another intelligent life force, one of my friends was with me and he felt confident he could go out there and talk to them, we were all at the door of the ship to go outside. He goes out there and all I can remember was him and the being which was a girl with long black hair, he was smiling because he was confident that he could talk to them but they didnt talk, they just smiled, this REALLY creepy music came on, like repetitive music or tones, then her face was focused on and these weird robotic voices were talking or speaking, kind of like the voice of wall-e but creepier. All of the sudden my friend panics and says "they read minds....... THEY READ MINDS!!!!!" and out of nowhere im awake but not awake, this is the crazy part. I wake up but my eyes are still closed my body is paralyzed, i can hear the TV I know im face down with my hands on my sides, my mind goes into this weird trance tunnel, like if somebody is trying to talk to me through telepathy and i want to move but i cant no matter how hard i try, im going "PLEASE STOP PLEASE STOP!" at this point i KNOW im awake I can feel and hear everything but at the sametime I can't move i cant speak i can only move my eyes but they remain shut because i cant open them no matter how hard i try, the voice is still talking to me even though i cant understand a word and inside my mind is like im going through this weird trance tunnel like "BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM" then i finally said "STOP!!!!" and i could finally move and open my eyes...

Never experienced anything more terrifying
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1211047

this is why i always always always try to remember to act and guard my thoughts,
especially when out in public around other people,
U NEVER KNOW who around U can actually read minds.
there ARE people, children who do...
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