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Message Subject Alien abduction, Old Hag Syndrome, Sleep Paralysis.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I've had many experiences of this, and I don't like to talk about them, cuz they bring memories and then maybe tend to come back (which makes me think that either I control it all in my brain, or control it spiritually somehow).

What I am about to tell is true, true, true, I put my freedom on it!

Anyways, the most significant situation involves being sexually assulted in my sleep by what seems to be a very attractive, yet evil, yet extremely sensual entity. Just thinking about it both gives me a bonerhitit and scares the pants out of me at the same time!!!wtf

It all started when I was 17 and was interested in magic and the occult. I prayed God the creator of the Universe to please give me an OBE (out of body experience). That same night, I set up an online radionics program (whether it worked or not is up to the reader to decide) and even later that night, I suddenly was half awake-half asleep. I then realized (believed) that I was likely having an OBE because I started feel my whole body vibrating in extreme intensity, if I can recall I was hearing a loud pulsing ringing, then my ears popped and I thought I was out of my body for a split second. Then, I realized since I can have an OBE, or might just be dreaming, I will manifest me having sex with an imaginary woman. In a split second, I felt a presence in the room and felt a woman on top of me... let's just say way more enjoyable than real sex, even though I was a virgin. all of the sudden, I felt like a probe was stuck in my... you know where... and it started to suck the life force out of me! Then I felt extreme pain in my spleen (try researching the spleen chakra to see what I mean) as if I were gonna die! From what I can recall, I started praying to God for help, but that didn't help. Then I started praying to Jesus, but that didn't help EITHER!1dunno1 So I started to sincerely for my life to pray the Lord's prayer, and then the "Entity" got off of me and I sensed it go through a wall, and went away. When I woke up, I got angry and started cursing at the thing and briefly saw red sparkly lights on top of my bed. BTW when I got up out of the bed it was about 3:33 AM, which you should research because I've read and saw on a movie (I can't remember which one it was, but it had to do with a possessed female) that it's the mockery of when Jesus died. Just something to keep in mind. I went back to sleep and when I woke up to get ready for school, I found out I had extremely soiled underwear filled with you guessed it... Even when I was awake I suddenly fell into sleep paralysis and fell beside the door unable to move, feeling a presence or more presences trying to attack me in the same fashion last night! Right after that, I jizzed all over my clean underwear a whole lot like I have never before again. After all of that, I gradually started seeng auras around people. To this day, I wonder what the heck that was all about.

Before that incident and even after, I still tended to wake up at exactly 3:33 AM or around 3:00 but not before that.

Before that, I've had sleep paralysis since I was, I don't know, say around 13-14ish? Even before that, I remember since I was around 4 feeling evil presences in my room when I was sleep paralysis,hiding and I knew nothing about it then, nor to my knowledge me or anyone was into spiritualist stuff or anything like that.

I have seen a four foot tall pitch black shadow person hover across my room twice that looked like a robed hooded figure that somehow "wanted" to scare me. but I read about how some entities tend to suck on fear so I just got angry instead and cursed it out.

the last time I had sleep paralysis was around a month ago when I was very tired after finishing college homework at home with my parents. I suddenly was in a lucid dream as I can recall when all of the sudden I was wide awake for what seemed like a couple of minutes and started to feel the strong vibrations across my whole body. I then started to hear this very loud buzzing droning noise (alien craft, perhaps?abduct) and it sounded in a way I can't really describe the sound, but it's veery creepy and alien. After that, I opened my right eye and could've sworn I left the bathroom light in my room on (I live in the attic lol5a) and peeked out of the covers in the dark room and saw a thin, beautiful woman somewhere around 27 yrs. old wearing a dress like in The Grudge. I realized I was probably dreaming because I always keep the bathroom light onhiding to see for myself whether It a dream, elaborate hallucination caused by sleep paralysis, something real, or all of the above. I woke up and assured myself I was awake, and saw the light on, went to the bathroom and went to see my reflection in the mirror. Yes! It was probably a dream!

All in all, (oh shit, it's 1:00AM I should get to bed) I sometimes wonder whether I'm dreaming, being attacked by spirits, or even abducted by aliens when I have these experiences. Sleep Paralysis is NO JOKE, It's not fun, and don't attract the wrong thoughts/beliefs/spirits/entities unless you want to shit your pants.If you want to read more, comment because I've got some more experiences that I don't want to spend more time on for all our sakes.
 Quoting: Rick James

sounds like dragon ladies, they need the seed men carry.
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