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Message Subject Alien abduction, Old Hag Syndrome, Sleep Paralysis.
Poster Handle justin (hayward)
Post Content

my experience is quiet similar to most the whole being able to not move thing. number 2, iv been visited many of times and i have had markings on my skin - hands, i do believe they are "et's,demonics".. angels because they are able to come and do as they please and they are of higher power. When they come to you, you feel everything as if they are right there. My experiences always happen like you know they are right in the room. next thing you know is, your body tenses from your head to your feet. I was in bed on my last episode, and i knew he was in the door way. This one was like black ghost, demonic creature he watched as i fought sleep meaning he was prolly over me and putting me in this state of cant move syndrome. paralyzed sleep. From there you try to fight what is about to happen i can tell you from my experiences when they come to me i feel they are doing operations of some sort, because with my ancient markings they give me "scopemarks,Triangles" and all that i feel they have been watching me for a very long time. Because i know these epiosodes have been coming for some time since i was a kid. As i have gotten older i still talk about it as it effects me every day, I believe these things are the ancient ones the ones that come to you and see you to make sure you are doing okay. "our guardings" i dont care they have made markings for the people who believe its bad, well it could be but to me i feel they are watching over you and guiding you alien03....

now thats my experiences from hands on, but you also have the dream ones same shit happpens. but you are tricked into a game. "2 beautiful girls" sitting on a couch tell you "hes here" you start searching the house for him. you find nothing you ask where is he... They are doing sexual shit and basically manipulating your mind. But something is greatly wrong with them... They tell you to come back out to the main room where they are on this couch. which is plainly insight and they are the only things in the room and they point to this hall way... and you go and stare down it. when you turn around those "GIRLS" turn into the beast, or what i call the "DEVIL" satan, or lucifer himself.. you stare right at him. hes in all black and shows you himself right up, his face is all black at first as hes about 15 or so feet away from you. All the stuff iv heard. happens you try to scream. you cant. you try to fight you cant. you try to move you cant and he has total control of you. From there. you are trying to break free you cant speak to him as he is in total control and has all power you say things like "jesus christ leave me alone" still doesnt work.... He then goes into the final step... which for me i didnt want to see, and i wish to god i never had he wants to show himself to you which i find very odd for me because iv read most of your guys post and they never show themselves but to me... he was very upfront with, and as you are stuck there fighting this beast and monster. or what i call a "HOMEBOY" cause i know he dont do this to everyone, he zooms in and you see his nasty pitted face. with hairs, his eyes are messed up he has nasty zits and has pits all over his face like hes unperfect human ... which is why i think he had the hoody at first, you cant do anything but look at him because he has total control over you, it gets worse you dont want to see this nasty looking guy his eyes staring right in yours. his control and everything. it was so bad my eye lids was sealed OPEN just so i had to see him thats how serious he was...

I somehow wake up, and my heart is beating a million miles persecond im surprised i didnt have a heart attack i know if i would of been any older than 22 at the time i would of. but i havent ever stopped thinking about that dream or any of my experiences in my life and i will tell you its as real as it comes because this phenomenom that is happening to people is real. I do always feel iv been choosen in my life to accomplish great things. and Iv always had confidence in myself and been true and followed my gut...

thats my story, if you guys have any questions feel free to write me i would love to talk to anyone. i have pictures of my markings if you would love to see them

write me plz - haywardj2006@yahoo.com

i hope this gives insight alien11
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