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Message Subject Alien abduction, Old Hag Syndrome, Sleep Paralysis.
Poster Handle Solar Guardian
Post Content
I had sleep paralysis pretty common throughout much of my life but only since last year I had seen shadow entities while in the sleep paralysis state......and a few of them that I saw was while I am sleeping facing either right or left, with my back on the other side, so that clearly shows that you don't have to have paralysis while on your back to see such thangs...... So, my experiences proves that while sleep paralysis is common and normal, seeing entities in such a state is not, and such beings are clearly attracted to you if you are under stress or extreme negativity/mood swings.......

A few months ago I even saw a shadow entity while having sleep paralysis with my back facing left, and it wiggled its body a lot making me freaked out but when I regained movement it vanished and I checked my heartbeat with my hand and was surprised that it wasn't as fast I thought it was supposed to be......Am i getting more psychic or is my third eye chakra opening slowly?

Personally seeing shadows with no form and face is much more better than seeing Grays with their creepy black eyes lol......tounge

Anyway, as long as planet Earth still hasn't ascended to the 5th dimension, we will continue to see evil spirits and entities including bad humans until the angels AKA higher dimensional beings or good ETs decides to intervene and remove all of them from Earth.......I hope the departure date for those that don't want to ascend will be soon......
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