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Subject Shouldn't people be able to choose whether they pay certain taxes?
Poster Handle Dundas
Post Content
What if certain programs that are funded by my personal taxes are contrary to my religious, philosophical and moral beliefs?

Shouldn't we as citizens of a 'free' country, have the right not to give money to Caesar when it flies in the face of our convictions?

Abortions, AIDS programs, Welfare, Etc....why are we forced to pay for these things?

Here is a sample of the US 2011 budget regarding AIDS work:

Expands and Focuses HIV/AIDS Treatment,
Care, and Prevention Activities. The
Budget expands access to HIV/AIDS prevention
and treatment activities consistent with the
Presidentís pledge to develop a National HIV/
AIDS Strategy that will focus on reducing HIV
incidence, increasing access to care and optimizing
health outcomes, and reducing HIV-related
health disparities. The Budget focuses HIV testing
among high-risk groups, including men who
have sex with men,
African Americans, and Hispanics.
The Budget increases resources for the
Ryan White program to support the care and
treatment needs for persons living with HIV/
AIDS who are unable to afford health care and
related support services. The Budget directs resources
to reduce HIV-related health disparities
by expanding HIV/AIDS medical services within
populations disproportionately impacted by the
The Budget also enhances funding
for collaboration and integration activities to
improve overall health outcomes for those with
HIV/AIDS and co-infections with tuberculosis,
hepatitis, and sexually transmitted diseases.

[link to www.gpoaccess.gov]

I don't believe in helping homosexuals have a better way of having gay sex without the threat of AIDS. I don't believe in helping them feel more comfortable while they are dying of a disease that they brought on to themselves through the vile acts of gay sex and the homosexual way of casual promiscuity.

What about the wars that line our elites pockets? Shouldn't we have the right to choose to personally fund them based on our religious, philosophical and moral convictions?

Something is very wrong with this system folks. Paying for roads, bridges, practical defenses, practical education- ok.
Paying for wars or things related to abortions that are contrary to your deep convictions, and ridiculous welfare programs that includes hand-outs, and ways for homosexuals to have safer gay sex- no.

Lord send your judgments soon to Earth so each man can set his own destiny based on his own decisions, without living under a yoke of financial tyranny and oppression.
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