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Message Subject Obamas head scars,,, medical people, Drs, surgical people,, please respond
Poster Handle SwampWitch
Post Content
I work in neurosurgery. (7 years)

I've never seen a procedure that requires such long incisions all around the head, intersecting/joining.

Occasionally infantile craniosynostosis incisions can be quite long, but no way would it require so many incisions; plus, I think as the child grows the scar stays it's original size & ends up being very small on the adult. Not sure of that as I rarely see patients post-op.

Obama's scars seem to run along roughly the same lines as the normal cranial sutures. I've never seen a surgical procedure involving all the plates of the skull. If such a procedure exists I do not know of it.

Here are the normal cranial sutures.
The top two drawings are of an infant, the bottom two are what I am referring to as normal suture lines (on an adult.)

[link to findmeacure.com]

Short of massive trauma, I cannot think of any reason for such extensive surgery. Face transplants are new, rare, and largely unsuccessful cosmetically. Facelifts don't generally require that sort of incision, and I spent 3+ years in plastics so I'm familiar with a lot of cosmetic facial procedures. These are typical facelift incisions.

[link to 0.tqn.com]

I'm stumped.
Maybe a neurosurgeon can tell us of a procedure that leaves scars like his. I'll ask a couple & get back to ya if I find out anything.
Also, I'll dig out some old college books, see if I can locate something along those lines.

Curious stuff...there are definitely scars on his noggin, but what they're from is beyond me.
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