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Message Subject Obamas head scars,,, medical people, Drs, surgical people,, please respond
Poster Handle Hitndahedfred
Post Content
I think I can explain the scars, though it'll take me a bit.

I'll start with radiation. Did you know that we were getting elevated radiation in the U.S. in January and February? It didn't start with Fukushima. In fact, Fukushima is now masking the extra radiation we are getting and have been getting. Where is it coming from? Our magnetosphere is hole-ridden, weak, and our ozone layer is disintegrating. That allows cosmic rays, x-rays and microwaves to leak through.

Seen many people complaining of ear-ringing? That is a symptom of two things: radiation treatment (or exposure) and being hit with microwaves. Microwaves also cause swollen lymphs, pressure headaches, and occasional dizziness. All those people garbling their speech, temporarily losing their ability to speak intelligibly? I think that's from chronic microwave exposure. We're all getting hit by it.

These realizations made me look at the chemtrails more closely. They spray between populated areas and the Sun, and they spray in grids. I examined my microwave. The shielding on the door is a metal grid. I was getting pressure headaches and ear-ringing, so I did a test. I erected a metal grid between me and the sky. Poof, my headaches and ear-ringing disappeared.

Obama can't stay under a metal grid most of the time like I can though. He's gotta be outside, exposed, doing diplomatic stuff on a regular basis. And if he just up and disappeared, people would notice and wonder and be fearful. But you don't want the president's brain/neurology to become damaged either. So, how to protect his brain from the chronic microwave exposure that we are all being hit with? Surgically insert around his skull a metal mesh, probably gold because it's so non-reactive and is such an excellent shield against radiation.

That's my theory, anyway. Take it or leave it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1325085


Interesting,,,, I mean it. With the tech available today anything is possible,,, if you have the funding. Something IS wrong with this whole picture.

And one by one his "story" is beginning to fall apart. Lies upon lies. I for one one will relish the day he is imprisoned.

I know it will probably never happen but we can dream,,,, can't we??

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