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Message Subject Obamas head scars,,, medical people, Drs, surgical people,, please respond
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If it was surgical, the lines would be straight, neat and if at all possible done in a way to where they could be 'hidden', either in a natural crease, or as they do in 'facelifts' along the hair line to where the line of the hair will 'cover' the line of the incision.

Surgical procedures also lead to very fine scars (thin, narrow) with a few exceptions, such as having an ulnar nerve transplanted, this leaves a definite scar with suture marks since in order to insure the arms stays closed they pull the skin making a 'ridge' and use fairly thick sutures.

Assuming the line on the scalp is a scar (honestly the image is not close up enough to see if it really is a scar and not a hair part in bad lighting conditions). The placement is indicative of head trauma.

IF the skull was misshapen we could day he had a cranial plate installed after a head wound. However the cranium appears to maintain its natural shape.

If it was a procedure to deal with brain pressure or a tumor and they needed to open the skull, the cut would be around the top of the head, starting at just above the forehead and the skin would have been cut in a manner to 'hide' the scar.

I leaning toward 'it is not a scar'. If it were Obama would not cut his hair that short, he would let his hair grow out a bit to 'hide' the scar. Most people, especially those in a public arena, are mindful of such and go to great lengths to hide them.

The one image of the line on the side of his face is located where the face would naturally sag and crease.

I do recall that Obama was hit in the face during a basketball game, and they used a plastic surgeon to put him back together (While he was in office). I have not seen any images of him showing this injury.

Without being able to see the scars clearly (if they are scars) and see how they were sutured (suture scars tell us a lot about the type and depth of injury), it will be difficult to say what the reason was behind them.
 Quoting: Dr. House

Is it possible to have a cranial transplant?
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