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The Government Shutdown for Dummies

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1293360
United States
04/08/2011 02:58 PM
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The Government Shutdown for Dummies
1. The democrats didn't pass a budget for 2011 months ago when they had controlled, with a supermajority, the Senate, the House and the White House.

Note: This is one of their few constitutional duties and yet they didn't do it because they thought passing a budget would hurt them in the 2010 elections.

2. Budget bills come from the House of Representatives. The Republicans have been at this for a while, but the democrat controlled Senate and the White House have done nothing but criticize the House.

3. The Republican controlled House has passed continuing resolutions that would keep the government funded for another week, but this has again been met with inaction by the democrats.

4. Several high profile democrats have stated that they think the government shutdown would harm the Republicans, while Republicans have tried many tactics to prevent it because they know the liberal controlled media will blame them.

5. Obama passed massive spending increases, supposedly temporary with the "stimulus" - and has now decided that such spending levels should be permanent. This is why his budget deficits in one month have exceeded Bush's deficits for a single year.

6. Obama is ideologically opposed to reducing spending - whether this is because he wants taxes increased or he wants to collapse the system is up for debate.

The short of it is that Obama wants the government shutdown because he thinks it'll help him get re-elected. He wants to break the back of the Tea Party and the resurgence of the American value of limited government.