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Message Subject Census Madness!!! American Community Survey - are they bugging you? Advice?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ugh - the "census" lady came by today and tried to get me to take the American Community Survey.

I told her that I already answered the census (I put "2" and mailed it back; that's probably why they are here) and was not interested in any more surveys and closed the door. As I was closing the door she was lying that this was not the census, it was a "survey from the House of Representatives". I said "No, thanks. I'm all set."

She put a bunch of papers in my door. One identified the survey as the American Community Survey, which I suspected. Another paper, highlighted with pink, contained the "U S Census Code - Title 13 -- Ch 7 Offenses and Penalties" and all of that intimidating mumbo-jumbo basically saying that it is against the law not to answer the census (I already did; she admitted this wasn't the census) and another small paper that says she is "obliged to return until contact is made". She already made contact, duh, but I get the feeling that she is going to be bugging me!!!

So they are lying and intimidating people into filling out these forms! Definitely not filling out any forms for these data-mining dirtbags.

So, tell me GLPers how did you get rid of them? Are they still bugging you? Any advice?

Thanks, in advance :)

 Quoting: Girl Genius

The Queen is getting freaked out over the drop in revenue, so our Census folk are stepping up the collection process so they can begin the COLLECTION process.
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