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Message Subject Census Madness!!! American Community Survey - are they bugging you? Advice?
Poster Handle The Voice In Your Head
Post Content
Comedian said on another thread about this ACS 'They sent me one but I didn't get it; then they sent me another one but I didn't get that one either'.
PRICELESS !!!toungecool2
 Quoting: Meow...

Yes, I wish they would just mail them instead of showing up at my door. I told my husband I want to put a gate up across the front of our place with "No Tresspassing" signs.
 Quoting: Girl Genius

I have a gate.

The gate has a sign that says
"If you can read this, our snipers can drop you".

We don't get bothered.
 Quoting: Comedian


Comedian.....thats friggin priceless. Our one neighbor on the volunteer fire dept. has a sign in his window that says "This home guarded by shotgun 3 nights per week. You guess which 3!"

When we were having troubles with one of my cousin's exs....I drew a chalk outline outside the front door and put his name in it. He came, I answered the door and instructed him to look down. He never did come back after that.
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