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Message Subject " IT'S GOING TO BE A BLOODY DAY " Says Jesus Christ [FULFILLED]--->Posted April 8, 2011---- 100 THOUSAND DEAD IN SYRIA
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
LIke, 22 of the last 30 days have been, like, bloody days.

Every year there are major earthquakes in Japan.

Every year there are columbine shootings somewhere in the world.

Predict Gadafi's death? Why of course another prediction that seemed highly possible when you said it. Kind of like when it seemed highly possible that an Israeli-Iranian war was imminent and you predicted that Israel would attack Iran. The absence of an Iran war didn't stop you from declaring success on that prediction!

You play the odds apparently and hope people develope an emotional attachment to you and become followers so they become blinded by your common predictions that come true on a frequent basis and fail to notice your failures which you declare successes.

Next year and the year after that there will be major earthquakes in Japan, Columbine shootings, and plenty of bloody days.
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