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Message Subject " IT'S GOING TO BE A BLOODY DAY " Says Jesus Christ [FULFILLED]--->Posted April 8, 2011---- 100 THOUSAND DEAD IN SYRIA
Poster Handle Once4All
Post Content
I have to tell you something, I forgot to share this, but it's just so neat!

A few days ago, I was talking to another poster on GLP about Jesus, this person was in trouble, thinking about suicide.

Well anyway, it was raining outside and nightime. I felt the urge to make my last post after about an hour and a half, but wasn't really sure why, but I knew I needed to wrap it up quickly for some reason.

Anyway, I finished what I needed to say to this person, and said goodnight around 9:30 pm and signed off. Not 30 seconds later, the power went out here and was out for most of the night.

But, I really believe that God held it back until I was finished trying to help this person that needed help.

Really a miracle......I know it was Him! He is actively reaching out to people on this forum, I just know it, I can feel it!!!!!!!!

 Quoting: Lisa*Lisa

Praise God! That is what it is all about. What if gas goes to $5 or 6 per gallon. What if the dollar tanks. The country, banks, and states are still bankrupt.

difficult and dangerous days are ahead! People will need the Lord Jesus to help them through!
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