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Message Subject " IT'S GOING TO BE A BLOODY DAY " Says Jesus Christ [FULFILLED]--->Posted April 8, 2011---- 100 THOUSAND DEAD IN SYRIA
Poster Handle Once4All
Post Content

When the design teaches you that you have done something wrong - for example offended your neighbor - that is sin. Of course, you are right, without showing you God Himself i cannot teach you it is sin as youu probably reject Scripture as God's word.
 Quoting: Once4All

Look man, I was a Christian for 18 years. I pretty much know what you're going to say to me before you say it. I was there. Of course, you'll probably tell me that there's no such thing as an ex-Christian, which would be complete BS. I know my heart. I know my intentions. I was just like you once upon a time.
 Quoting: Paid Government Shill

Not like me. I know God. I've seen Jesus. He has told me many things which i have published in advance.

While typing i heard the Word "Is Miserable" and He is probably talking about YOU!

We are not the same.... you walked away; I didn't.
 Quoting: Once4All

You're right, we're not the same. I'm not delusional. You haven't seen Jesus, unless you claim to have seen his image in a piece of toast or something. And back to what I originally stated, he hasn't told you anything. The only things you've posted here are very vague and could be fulfilled by any number of things.
 Quoting: Paid Government Shill

It is your life. You have heard the truth, the rest is up to you. This is not about me. It is about where you will spend Eternity! I pray you keep your heart and mind open as we all head into difficult and dangerous days.
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