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Message Subject " IT'S GOING TO BE A BLOODY DAY " Says Jesus Christ [FULFILLED]--->Posted April 8, 2011---- 100 THOUSAND DEAD IN SYRIA
Poster Handle Once4All
Post Content
You're right, we're not the same. I'm not delusional. You haven't seen Jesus, unless you claim to have seen his image in a piece of toast or something. And back to what I originally stated, he hasn't told you anything. The only things you've posted here are very vague and could be fulfilled by any number of things.
 Quoting: Paid Government Shill

Doing a bit of research onthis guy, using the name on HIS website registration, it looks like hes been involved with malware scam sites, and escrow scams..

The malware alligations were especially interesting.. I think this is how he makes his living, Probably stealing information etc, adware, malware etc..

I bet any money that this schtick is somehow a ploy to lour people to his site, or somethign along those lines, seems like hes been scamming for years.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1338389

You cannot even spell allegations much less string a few words in a coherent fashion.

Once4All uses the same services as millions of user do, even ones that are scam artists...Oh noes! Lets slander him because we cannot deal with his message.
 Quoting: FubarMan

Thanks FubarMan.

May the Lord God Almighty continue to bless you!

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