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Message Subject " IT'S GOING TO BE A BLOODY DAY " Says Jesus Christ [FULFILLED]--->Posted April 8, 2011---- 100 THOUSAND DEAD IN SYRIA
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I was watching PBS Newshour a short while ago and [i think] it was the president of Turkey saying about
30,000 Syrians are now dead

Man's inhumanity to man was never part of God's plan.
 Quoting: Once4All

so, in all honesty, do you believe that 'evil' or 'lucifer' can thwart God's plan?

is God omniscient or not? Is he all powerful or not?

since he is both, it is certain that God's plan IS WHAT OCCURS. ALWAYS. he knows what every action of his will create in the future...'the ripple' of every thing God has done is certainly pre-known, pre-calculated to bring about his purpose.

as i've said before...like it or not ,it is the absolute truth.

'The only difference between Lucifer and Christ is that Lucifer thinks he is going against God's plan'
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