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***The Solutions Thread***


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04/10/2011 07:35 AM

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***The Solutions Thread***
Lets make this thread a place where we all get together and exchange ideas to solve all problems we face in this world from the small ones to the big ones.

I will start by giving my point of view to the problems i'm aware of and provide the best solution i can think of.

Problem 1)Family
In today's society parents loose control on their kids or don't know how to make them listen, so the kids become victims of deadly drugs,school programming,don't care about the world,have no morals and have been hypnotized by the music industry that all that matters in this life is pussy and money.
Solution 1)
The parents have no control on their kids cause they don't have time to spend with their kids, after women got scammed with the women's liberty now both parents work more taxes for the criminal government and no time to work on their kids. So finding time to spend with your kids is essential.
Second, most parents act like a dictator on their kids or even worse they hit them, there's no better way to destroy all communications with your kids than this. To enter your kids' mind you must become their best friend and i mean better than their school or neighbor best friend.I'll explain how important this is providing an example i was told in the military.I was told if i get captured in a war as a POW to wish to get punched and get treated bad cause if they treat me nice and friendly then i more likely give them secret information.When they punch you or yell at you it pisses you off and chances are a lot less to get any info from you now.
In the Vietnam war there was a Vietnamese interrogator that he never tortured american POWs in fact he treated them like kings and was their best friend taking really good care of them and he got all his general astonished how he could get all this top secret info from them so easily.
Hope you get my point of view when you treat someone good they naturally will work with you when you yell at them or hit them they'll naturally put bananas in their ears and will not listen to anything you say.
Now you must be careful so your kids don't take advantage of you, if you have to yell or even punish them make sure after that at night you get some time to talk to them and explain to them why you did it and try to end the night like good friends.
In boot camp we had 4 drill instructors all of them tortured us to death,we hated the 3 of them but loved 1 of them, wonder why? That 1 was a senior drill instructor and every night before we go to sleep he would gather all of us around him and have a nice talk with us like a good friend, that time we could talk to him normal and have a nice conversation where he was giving us advices and explain us why things are like that.
I think the above strategy should fix your relationship with your kids if done correctly.

(I got to go do some work now i will keep updating this thread with more problems and solutions, also help this thread with your ideas and solutions on any problems you might think of.)

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Anonymous Coward
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09/23/2011 12:56 PM
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Re: ***The Solutions Thread***
I assume for the no replies that all glpers are awesome parents.