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This Is Why No One Likes JEWS!!!


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04/11/2011 12:37 PM

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This Is Why No One Likes JEWS!!!
Read Judaism Discovered by Michael Hoffman or find a free copy online. His books have been banned and can only be found on the internet.

[link to www.amazon.com]

Read the comments of people that read this book.

As opposed to some of the 'non-reviews' posted on this book, I will actually review it from having knocked back this behemoth over my vacation week. Hoffman's latest work eclipses everything he has done to date. When Hoffman says he has spent more than a decade researching the Talmud and historical Orthodox writers and writings, he is not kidding. The extensive footnoting and source material he quotes from and cites would take 10 years to digest, even if you were a full time student. Books this well documented are nominated for literary awards, as this one should be.

What this book is: Orthodox sages and rabbis talking about God, other rabbis and their flocks, and non-Jews, in their own books. 99% of the Talmudic source material referred to comes from the works of the Talmudic sages and various grand rebbes themselves. You get a sprinkling of quotes to major Israeli and American newspapers as well. Nothing this book refers to was culled from any non-Jewish source.

What this book is not: Anti-Jewish, or an argument for any violence or maltreatment or legal restriction of or upon the Jewish community. If anything, when you read this work and realize what Talmudic tin gods really believe(d), you will rank the Talmud in a far worse category than Mein Kampf, or any other traditional 'hate' tract.

What this book accomplishes beyond a shadow of a doubt: I will make an analogy - The Talmud and orthodox talmudists are akin to a business that keeps two sets of accounting books - one set of books they show to the internal revenue service (non-Jews), the 'other' set of books is known only to corporate insiders - the 'other set' shows the true financial condition and profit margin of the 'company'. Hoffman shows you the Talmudic Orthodox 'other set' of books - what the talmudic rabbis really say and believe about God, themselves, their flocks, and the general non-Jewish population. What they say behind closed doors, i.e. WHAT THEY REALLY THINK, WRITE, BELIEVE AND TEACH AS SET FORTH IN THEIR OWN BOOKS. What the 'other set' has, will make you ill, angry, suprised, and disgusted. You will pity the poor souls trapped by the Talmud.

Hoffman shows you how two sets of books are kept, he shows you when historically, the `other' set of books was discovered, what happened, who discovered it and who tried to suppress it and who supported publishing it. Sometimes it was a Protestant Reformer, sometimes it was the Vatican. (The section of the book dealing with Luther, Calvin and the Vatican regarding the publishing of the Talmud is worth the price of the book alone. 100 books, both Protestant and Catholic could be spawned from this section alone - as well as the Kabbalistic infiltration into the Vatican during the Renaissance. These books are sorely needed. Trad. Catholics take note.)

The Talmudic primary source material relied upon; yes there is legal authority to treat non-Jews as sub-humans; Yes there is Talmudic and religious authority from the greatest Talmudic sages for kicking, spitting upon, cursing, killing, injuring, and stealing from non-Jews. Cursing non-Jewish houses and cemetaries, and spitting on other religous clergy and Christian symbols is also permitted through linguistic trickery and wholesale nullification of the Bible and the Ten Commandments.

What `they' really believe is beyond shocking. From the nighttime arousal positional police, obsession with female pubic hair, women's menstrual flow, Talmudic toilet laws, the hole in the sheet for talmudic intercourse; even the fact that a woman giving birth to a mentally retarded or infirm child is under lifetime suspicion for having caused the birth defect herself by not observing the several thousand Talmudic laws regarding menstruation, is given thorough documentation.

Perhaps the greatest insult, that 'the rebbis' are considered to have greater moral authority than God, and in the case of one Orthodox sect, their now-deceased rebbi has been put in a higher position than whatever 'being' they call God. I say 'being they call god' because that being is not found in the Bible - you'd sooner find that 'being' in a Lucifarian book. That rebbe was supposed to live forever - must have come as quite a shock to him when he died.

Hoffman could have called this book a study of ethnic megalomania.

When put in proper perspective, the Islamic sharia police in Iran pale in comparison to the Talmudic police in Orthodox communities in the United States and in Israel. Women are still being beaten and kicked to the back of the bus, only this time its not African-American Rosa Parks, its orthodox Jewish women in parts of Israel. By rabbinical decree, women can't ride bicycles either in upstate New York. Hoffman quotes the communities own newspapers!

Anyone interested in comparative religion or the intersection of religion and modern politics needs this book on their shelf. When Hoffman quotes a Christian scholor stating that a Talmudist taking an oath is the 'trickiest thing' because they are not bound to the oath by the Talmud (unless certain circumstances exist), you need not wonder why there is no real Middle East Peace process. Middle eastern peacemakers should read this book to learn how to deal with Talmudic oath trickery.

Curses, demons, performing circumcisions via fellatio, witchcraft, sorcery, necromancy, self worship, megalomania, what it boils down to is that man-made laws and rules by evil people have been given divine writ through the Talmud, which as Hoffman shows beyond a shadow of a doubt, has been elevated to the status of God given law. The laws and rules are ridiculous and have only hurt rank and file judaics, as well as the whole world.

It strikes me from reading Hoffman, as if the Talmud is nothing but a distillation of every occult 'Voodoo' religion that has ever existed in the world, down into one set of books called the Talmud. Could their be anything more noble than to evangelize the Jews from their Talmudic creed.

Read this book and understand; When politicans and pontiffs dance the tango with orthodox rabbis - for the first time, realize twhat they are really dancing with and look beyond flowely language and speeches to the heart of the Talmud - and see what the Pontiff is actually dancing with.

Also check his interviews.
[link to www.youtube.com]

This is my answer to some guys that post in this forum that only muslims are evil and jews are saints posting links to jewish shill glen beck's videos.

I wanna inform you that all religions are EVIL especially the jewish based ones christianity, islam and judaism.
A simple google search "Judaism is Satanism" and "Jesus is Satan" will give you all the proof you need, as for Islam evilness watch glen shill beck's videos.
Also atheism is not an answer stay away from all famous groups they all been controlled and manipulated.