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ive never seen anything "crazy" while sober.. ask me questions

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1338045
United States
04/11/2011 10:55 PM
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ive never seen anything "crazy" while sober.. ask me questions
no aliens, no lizards, no ghosts, no demons/angels, nada, zip, zero, zilch!

and yet im more than open to the idea of ANYTHING.. but i refuse to lie to myself, and i am as "rational" as a vulcan.

and rationally i have to believe things must exist that are beyond my every-day "reality".

ive never seen a damn thing though. not in 28 years. why? no idea. everyone else cant be crazy liars can they??? are they all off the deep end??

i mean... sometimes i can "connect" with my friends/family in what seems a bizarre psychic link, in which i know where they are and what they are feeling... but i dont "see" anything...

ive seen planes that i thought for a second were something more, but werent.

seen all kinds of wibbly wobbly nonsense(and possibly non-nonsense) while experimenting with various mind-expanding chemicals...

the first time i did mushrooms i saw Ganesha...

i once smoked a lot of green after a long break from it, went into a trance, screamed at God in raw ignorance and anger, and was attacked by an invisible entity who i had to beg not to kill me, and afterward was comforted and soothed by another invisible entity(or possibly the same) which radiated pity for me and showed me a strange landscape that existed beyond the veil, and for a few days afterward experienced remarkable moments of crystal clear synchronicity.. aka a "psychotic break"


whats the deal?
ask me questions.