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<<Breaking - Being Yooman - film about us! Now showing in other galaxies!!!>>

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04/12/2011 10:50 PM
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<<Breaking - Being Yooman - film about us! Now showing in other galaxies!!!>>
GMDB Review - Being Yooman

Drama/Soap/Comedy/Romance/Action thriller about some genocidal bipedals

User Reviews: ***

I expected to hate this, yet it turns out I loved it. Great fifth series. Can't wait for the next one. The characters were interesting and funny, and dare I say it, you actually begin to care about them, (which is the cornerstone of any good drama). This took a tired genre and gave it a breath of new life. The backdrop is very ordinary and mundane, and the characters are self-loathing. It gave it a different, quirky angle which hasn't really been explored before. You just got me interested, and now I've got to wait for the next episode.
Best character by far is Barry the dorky teleprompter guy, who's a dead ringer for that Arkhe Naton guy back in series 4... The bad guys were all nasty and loathsome, which was great. The first episode was slow, but stick with it!



1) A bipedal species, occasionally mistaken for humans, that does not walk on knuckles, and is known for inversion, and extreme ownership of other species
2) Pie
3) The result of not pronouncing the H in the word human

Yoomans are smarter than apes and HBGary virtual contestants.