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Message Subject Stunning UFO Light Orbs All Over the World!
Poster Handle crossroadsnyc
Post Content
Great thread, OP!

We've watched and recorded "ufo's" here in NYC as well. If interested in watching our videos, as well as 13+ pages of other videos and terrific discussion, please take a look at a thread I started back in October 2010, when we first became aware of all of this. It's on a forum for Marshall amps (I play guitar), but that's because I started the thread prior to knowing about sites like this. Either way, maybe you'll find some stuff you haven't found before.

Anyway, thanks for a great thread ... enjoying the hell out of the videos you are posting.

[link to www.marshallforum.com]
 Quoting: crossroadsnyc

Pretty cool thread, thanks. Stole this from it lol
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1340491

Thanks! It's pretty long, but has some interesting discussion / video ... feel free to "steal" as much as you want haha.

Btw., terrific job on this thread ... I've bookmarked it so I can keep coming back. I'm also going to share this w/some friends & family who have become interested, because I think a library of videos like this helps to understand things a bit more, so far as trying to make sense out of everything (well, as much as possible that is, given all the possible scenarios).

I'm still on the fence w/respect to this being a true "alien disclosure", or rather, if this is nothing more than a big production courtesy of "project blue beam". I'm trying to keep an open mind to both possibilities, so as to not skew my thinking and lead myself down wrong avenues as I learn more and more (I learned quickly that it's easy to develop a one track mind w/this whole thing, which I think is very unhealthy when exploring the complete unknown) ... but, nevertheless, it appears that something is going on, and I find it fascinating.

Thanks again!
 Quoting: crossroadsnyc

Thanks,I'm trying to keep an open mind as well, but I'm also thinking where I can get one of these light orbs and get the f off this planet, cus she's about to blow! Keep checking the thread, its only going to grow.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1340617

It's difficult to keep an open mind. During the first few days of becoming aware of this, a number of my search results came up with threads pushing the theory of "annunaki" aliens, and things of that sort ... and combined w/what we were seeing (and of course, this was the first time seeing something like this in person), I started thinking that way, and it creeped us the hell out. After a few more days, I started learning of theories such as "project blue beam", and my alien concerns were suddenly replaced with concerns about a NWO conspiracy. It was at that point that I realized I had to step back and just try and digest all of it, keeping an open mind to all theories, so as to not drive myself crazy over it ... or, worse, develop a one track mind, and find myself completely disconnected with reality (which I've noticed, frighteningly, can happen w/some people).

Anyway, yeah, definitely coming back to keep up on the updates.
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