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Anonymous Coward
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United States
04/14/2011 12:08 AM
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Much of the current coverage on TV & Web news about FUKUSHIMA and Radioactive Iodine is largely a "red herring". The herring is being talked to death to move the focus of attention away from the truly deadly radioactive isotopes that have been and ARE still presently being released by the run-away FUKUSHIMA reactors in Japan.

The most dangerous Isotopes that are created in a Nuclear Meltdown such at this are PLUTONIUM and URANIUM isotopes. These both break down into microscopic "particulates" that float in the air and can, if ingested into a human lung, throat, nose, sinuses, or digestive tract, embed themselves there and give off massive amounts of concentrated radiation, which in turn causes cancer and/or kills the surrounding tissue in a matter of weeks or months. Literally, such particulates are a minuscule hot, radioactive little coal radiating deadly poison into the human body and killing that body, slowly.

The officials in Japan are LOATHE to release actual Isotope Readings for two reasons: One: is that they do not want the public to know that in all probability a NUCLEAR EXPLOSION has already taken place at one or more of the reactor sites. The explosions that were chalked up to excess Hydrogen were in all probability not Hydrogen Gas Explosions but were in reality small scale NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS. Two: Japanese Officials do not want the public to know just how much of the MOST dangerous and deadly Uranium and Plutonium particulates have already been released into the earth, the food chain, the water, the sea, and the atmosphere over all of Japan - nor do they want the public to know how much of this deadly cloud is now crossing the Pacific to the US, Canada, South America (and to a lesser extent) ultimately to cross the Atlantic and on to Europe. These "nuclear clouds" are poisoning the planet to one degree or another and the population is being lied to to avoid "panic". These same officials that are hiding the true danger and full extent of the danger to the entire planet are much happier to talk about "radioactive iodine" and it's very limited effect on tissue it may come in contact with and it's relatively short half-life. Much happier, indeed!

This information has been confirmed by Nuclear Physicist Christopher Busby PhD. (Dr. Busby is not only a Nuclear Physicist, but he's also trained in Nuclear Biology which is the study of the impact of radioactive isotopes on living tissue. He is an expert in these esoteric fields and a highly paid consultant to BBC News and other news organizations as well.)

Dr. Busby is calling the current situation a "GLOBAL CATASTROPHE" and he confirmed that at present in Japan there is an argument between the French Advisors on site and the American Advisors on site. The argument is about two different courses of action.

The French want to entomb the reactors in concrete. This would allow the nuclear reaction to continue on for an indeterminate length of time. The concrete-entombed reactor could crack, and they could also (if conditions were right) result in a Nuclear Explosion of the entombed radioactive fuel.

The American Advisors are of the opinion that the reactors should be bombed (literally) into the sea. The result would be that the massive amounts of Nuclear Fuel material now melted down would be ground into much smaller particles and would be cooled by sea water. Because of being in smaller pieces and cooled naturally by seawater, these pieces of fuel rods could be then approached by robots operating under the sea, and larger pieces of these spent fuel rods removed from the sea to a better/safer storage facility in the future. In the meantime the possibility of further explosions would be stopped completely and the disbursal of this material could be localized to one small are of the Pacific basin if we were fortunate in where the residue from the bombings landed. If need be, the residue could be pushed by undersea robots into the deepest trenches in the ocean - which happens to exist a few miles off the eastern Japan seacoast.

Dr. Busby clearly states that we are in "science fiction territory" with the present Japanese Fukashama reactors. However he does state that there is some logic and reason in bombing the damned things into the sea - in that the Bombing Option would at least separate the nuclear material from itself and stop the possibility of further release of deadly particulates into the atmosphere.

It is now coming out that Chernobyl was in fact a NUCLEAR reaction and explosion and not a Hydrogen explosion as has been believed by the public for many years. Measuring the Xenon Isotopes and a ratio between Xenon 133 and Xenon 133M is the ratio that defines the difference between a hydrogen reaction and a true Nuclear Explosion/Reaction. When we speak of "Nuclear Reaction" we are talking of the same type of explosion that resulted in and is still used in atomic bombs of all sorts. What the public does not know is that it is possible to have Nuclear Explosions that are not of the scale and scope of a bomb. Smaller Nuclear Explosions are quite possible, and most likely have already occurred at the Japanese reactor site and have been passed off to the public as "hydrogen gas" explosions. Supposedly to prevent "mass panic" but in truth probably to shield the Power Company, TEPCO and it's stock from adverse effects should the truth be known widely.

He also pointed out in a recent interview that a reactor meltdown is so vastly more deadly in some circumstances, than a nuclear bomb could be. The reason? Simply because of the fact that a bomb has at most a few Kilos of radioactive material. A Nuclear Reactor such as FUKUSHIMA has thousands of tons of radioactive fuel stored in it (legally or not doesn't seem to matter in the case of FUKUSHIMA)and that vast amount of radioactive material represents extreme and deadly danger to all living creatures if released into the biosphere, regardless of how that release takes place.

It has occurred to me that with the presently escalating number of "aftershocks" and "new quakes" being seen almost daily, should mankind fail to stop this run-away nuclear reaction and the resultant release of deadly particulates into the atmosphere - then Nature is going to do so - even at the cost of Japan's Northern half sinking into the deepest parts of the Pacific, followed by the eruption of several volcano's in the area with each one contributing laval in massive amounts - sufficient to entomb the radioactive residue that we once called Japan on the bottom of the sea under kilometers of lava where it will not be able to spew forth it's deadly poison any longer.

In a few hundred thousand years the teutonic plates may once again bring parts of this sunken disaster to the surface and future archeologists may speculate as to the cause of this Island Nation sinking. Hopefully the nuclear fires that now threatened our world will by that time, finally be extinguished by the flow of time and the danger to those future explorers and archeologists will not be as deadly to them as it presently is to us.
Dr. House

User ID: 1281930
United States
04/14/2011 07:38 AM
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The reactors do not contain weapons grade fissile materials.

The materials used in reactors are pure enough to produce lots of heat, but not pure enough to have a runaway, explosive nuclear reaction.

Refining uranium or any other fissile material requires a lot of work. Happy were we to discover that impurities in fuel for a reactor is a good thing, thus we do not have to refine and process our fissile materials to the near perfect state we do when we want to build a bomb.

As you may know, its real easy to build an atomic or nuclear bomb, the hard part - the very, very hard part that requires a lot of work, a lot of money and highly trained specialists is making the fissile 'core' or the nuclear package for such a bomb.
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